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About me:

My name is Jaime Quiroz, the manager of this place, from almost 20 years I have been traveling across the country. Hiking, biking, photographing.
Back in the 90s I started proffessionally as designer, then turn into photographer too.

So after many years traveling as a hobbie, I started to work as mountain biking guide, 15 years in the activity, plus working with companies in marketing design projects, makes me learn about people and traveling.

I am still developed as guide but in Lima Adventours project I am more targeted to share experiences, so maybe you will not interested in hiring me, but I can help you to decide what else to do while you are in Lima.

About the Brand:
Colombian cumbia in the 70s changed its sound in Peru, here we changed their classic accordion to electric guitar sounds wit reverbs.
In the 80s Chicha music started to raise, that happenned when internal war makes people to run from their lands and migrate to the main cities. Here Cumbia was mixed with Andean, and coloured intense printed in serigraphy, for lower cost, self made, large huge sizes, created a singular style in design.
At the 90s that design and color means poverty, the crowd of workers. Now had turn into practically a trademark of the country. Wherever you go you will see a sign made with this calligraphic typography and painted colorfull:::::::::