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Walking and photographing in Barranco

The bohemian district of Barranco, reborn from the ashes of war of 1881, when Chilean army destroyed and burned the whole village and its farms. So when war passes and the train industry arrives to the modern new city, English and Peruvians moved again to this attractive and quiet place, surrounded by farms and forests with the amazing view to the ocean, that started o get used for bathing walking down by a charming road where today we find the well known Bridge of Sighs.
After those years around 1920s the wealthy families started to build their mansions and small palaces reaching the 1950s with a mid-class starting to build small houses all around.
This mixture makes Barranco an special district, despite the changes for new and tall modern buildings is still a nice area with some old fashioned places.
Walk and photographing there let us know a bit more from this place and depending season and hour you may profit its quietness or the noise and speed of the crowdy hours, when people from the whole city comes to enjoy the place and its restaurants.

The Tips:

  • Barranco is 20-30 minutes walking from Miraflores, less than 10 minutes in taxi.
  • The seafront sidewalks are very safe and can be walked at any hour.
  • Lots of restaurants are located there, some of best around the main park of the district.
  • If you want to take a walk and guided by a photographer visit:

To see and do:
St. Francis Church and streets around, the bayview and its parks, the Bridge of Sighs and the street down to the beach, the trolley, the graffitis .
Drink some good coffee, ice cream or sandwich, visit an art gallery.

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